About Futuride

Siemens in Australia has developed a program to help educate people across Australia on how people and technology can work together to address the challenges of today for a better tomorrow

The three-year program, known as FutuRide, will highlight the importance of making changes today, to ensure the cities of our future remain sustainable.

Siemens - Cadel Evans

FutuRide is a journey - not just a destination

Champion cyclist, Cadel Evans has joined us to help highlight our important message. We believe people have more impact when they come together as a group compared to individually, and that is why we're partnering with inspirational Australians on our journey towards a sustainable future.

The FutuRide program was launched last year with a mass participation event held at Melbourne's Federation Square on 11.12.12. More than 1000 people joined together to pedal on stationary bikes to create electricity to light up 120 Christmas trees that formed the shape of a giant Christmas tree and broke two Guinness World Records™ in the process. The two records are for the most electricity generated by pedaling on bikes for one hour, generating a total of 4630 watt hours; and the most lights lit by pedal power, illuminating 35,028 LED lights.

But we're not stopping there, this year we'll continue to educate people about the role of technology in providing a sustainable future and what we can do as a society to come together and make these changes, while also improving our quality of life.