Make a Difference

FutuRide is based on the concept of bringing about a mindset change, to encourage individuals just like you to make a conscious effort to adapt sustainable practices. These don't always need to be huge changes. They could be simple changes like taking a reusable cup when you purchase your take away coffees instead of getting a disposable cup, or riding your bike instead of driving your car for some of your travel.

Water Saving Tips

  • Only put the dishwasher on when itís FULL, the same goes with the washing machine.
  • Appoint one of your kids as water and energy marshal and put them on an incentive to lower each quarterly bill! My 10 year old monitored our energy meter and timed everyone's showers for three months and we reduced each bill by about 20%! It teaches them about conservation, finances, and "team" management all at the same time!
  • Capture the initial cold water when you run a shower and use it to water your plants. You could save up to five litres a day per shower. That's 1825 litres per year, thatís 90 average bath tubs of water recycled and saved.
  • Only run reticulation late at night or early morning when far less water will be lost to evaporation, and remember to turn it off whenever it rains.
  • Create a sustainable garden by connecting your downpipes to water your garden. Even in summer you can use the excess water from your evaporative air cooling system to keep your garden 'green'!
  • Make sure you turn off all taps properly.
  • Put the dishwasher on a quick wash.
  • Shower with a bucket or two and use the water on your garden.
  • Install a rainwater tank and connect it to your washing machine and dual flush toilet. Reap some rebates for the tank purchase and connections! Save on water and a bit of energy consumption at the same time.
  • Wash your vegies in a bowl of water, instead of rinsing under a running tap.
  • Have your showerhead changed to a more water efficient one- most councilís do the swap for free.
  • Wash windows with newspaper and vinegar. No water usage and bright sparkly windows.
  • Use a pressure washer to wash the car.
  • Don't run the tap while brushing your teeth... but please don't stop brushing your teeth.
  • If you have a pool, when it's not in use put the cover on it to stop water from evaporating.
  • Use the water from your washing machine on your garden (but only if you use environmentally friendly detergent).
  • Keep a worm farm and use the content on your veggie garden to reduce watering.
  • Check to see if you have any leaks around the house that you might be leaking water.
  • If building a new house speak to your builder about water saving appliances and designs to make your future home more sustainable.