The future of our environment - what are the sustainable choices we can make in our cities?

The future of our environment - what are the sustainable choices we can make in our cities?
Nov 23, 2012

As urban populations continue to grow, sustainable development is essential for cities. All cities must strike a balance between three fundamental goals: quality of life, economic competitiveness, and environmental protection.

If climate change is to be held in check, the atmospheric temperature increase must not exceed two degrees until the year 2100. With Australia being the world's most urbanised country with 89 per cent of people in Australia living in urban areas, changes must occur within our cities to ensure they are environmentally sustainable.

Energy consumption and CO2 emissions can already be drastically reduced with today's technologies that increase energy efficiency and promote the sustainable use of resources.

But minimising our CO2 emission is not the only way to make a city sustainable; we also need to ensure that our cities are highly productive and provide the infrastructure that is required for the population.

Increasing urbanisation is one of the megatrends of our time and poses enormous infrastructure challenges.

Many cities around the world are investing in their infrastructure to ensure that they will be able to accommodate the increase in population. Implementing technology solutions today for energy supply, mobility and intelligent buildings, we can make changes that will have minimal impact on how we go about our daily lives within our cities and will ensure our cities are fit for the future.

Cities play a vital role in building a more sustainable future for all. Supplying cities with the best technology solutions is a key focus for Siemens.