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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is FutuRide?

    Science & Technology represent the future for Australia. Siemens and Cadel Evans want to make them more fun by giving away over $100,000 worth of unique, FutuRide power-generating bikes to primary and secondary schools across Australia. Your school could win by getting students to make a short video about their ideas for powering a better future using science and technology! 2 primary schools and 18 secondary schools will receive a set of four FutuRide power-generating bikes, while one overall winner will also receive a visit to their school from Cadel Evans!

  • How do I enter FutuRide?

    Australian primary and secondary school students can create a video sharing their ideas for powering a better future using science and technology. Videos should be 90 seconds or less, be original with no copyrighted content (such as music where the student does not have express written permission from the artist or record label) and be uploaded to YouTube, then formally submitted as an entry via www.futuride.com.au. A parent or teacher must submit the video on behalf of the student(s) using the entry form at www.futuride.com.au and agree to the full terms and conditions. Entries open Tuesday 23 June and close at 5PM AEST on Friday 14 August, 2015. Get your entry in today to start sharing for a chance to win a People’s Choice Award!

  • What prizes are available?

    Siemens is giving away over 70 FutuRide power-generating bikes! Each winning school will receive four bikes allowing teachers to demonstrate the use of energy in a real-life practical application. The FutuRide power-generating bikes have a car alternator attached to a stand, which is driven by the rear wheel of the bike. When driven, the alternator can generate more than 100 watts. The controller measures the power output from each bike alternator, which is sent to a laptop that displays the power generated for the bike on screen. The bikes also have cables attached to them allowing students to directly power everyday items such as smart phones or laptops. The rider will then directly see how much pedal power is required to run their devices. Siemens will also be providing the schools with a battery to store energy produced by the bikes. Siemens Ambassador and Tour de France Winner, Cadel Evans, will be visiting one overall lucky winning school!

  • When do entries for FutuRide 2015 close?

    Due to popular demand, competition entry has been extended! FutuRide entries close at 5PM AEST, Friday 14 August 2015, with judging commencing Monday 17 August 2015.

  • Who can enter FutuRide?

    FutuRide is open to any student attending a private or public primary or secondary school in any Australian state or territory in 2015. Parents, legal guardians or teachers must submit video entries via the entry form at www.futuride.com.au on behalf of their student(s).

  • I'm a student, how do I enter FutuRide?

    Unfortunately students under the age of 18 are unable to enter due to legal restrictions, but you can enter by getting your parents or teacher to submit and entry and accepting the terms & conditions on your behalf.

  • When are the winners announced and notified?

    The winning schools will be informed during National Science Week between 16 August and 23 August 2015 and notified via email. Please ensure you submit a valid email address with your entry.

  • How does my school win the grand prize of Cadel Evans visiting the school?

    From the group of 20 primary and secondary school winners, Siemens ambassador and Tour de France winner Cadel Evans will visit the overall winning school as selected by the judging panel. This visit will occur in November.

  • How long do FutuRide videos have to be?

    FutuRide videos must be 90 seconds or less in duration. Any videos longer than 90 seconds will be ineligible for entry, and won’t be displayed on the FutuRide website for sharing or voting.

  • How do I submit my video entry?

    Upload your 90 second or less video to YouTube, and on www.futuride.com.au copy the YouTube link when you fill out the FutuRide entry form. For instructions on how to upload a YouTube video, please see the link below. How to upload a Youtube Video

  • I’ve submitted my entry, but I can’t see it on the website yet. Why?

    All FutuRide entries are moderated by our team for eligibility before they are displayed on the website. It may take up to 1 business day before your video is viewable on the website. We’ll email you to let you know when your video is ready to view and share for the People’s Choice award!

  • Can my school submit multiple entries?

    Yes, you are welcome to submit more than one entry – more chances to win the FutuRide power-generating bikes for your school.

  • Are there any additional aspects I need to consider when making the film?

    When creating the film, please remember that all content you film you have permission to use. Entries containing any unauthorized content will be disqualified.

  • Can I submit an entry directly to the website?

    No, all entries must be uploaded first to YouTube otherwise you will be unable to enter the competition.

  • How can my school win?

    After entries close at 5PM AEST on Friday 14 August and judging is complete, the power-generating bikes will be awarded across two categories:

    • Judges Selection: Awarded to the eleven best entries nationally, selected by a panel of judges from Siemens and FutuRide partner organisations, and Cadel Evans. One Primary category winner and ten Secondary category winners will be selected nationally. Primary school entries will be judged in a separate category to secondary school entries.
    • People’s Choice: Eight secondary school winners and one primary school winner selected nationally. In the Secondary category, one winner per state/territory will be selected based on the video with the most Facebook likes/shares, Tweets, and emails, which will form People’s Choice Points. In the Primary category, one winner nationally will be selected based on the video with the most Facebook likes/shares, Tweets, and emails, which will form People’s Choice Points.
  • What are the judging criteria?

    Submissions that address the main question in a creative and innovative way will be rewarded. The judging criteria are:

    • Innovation: How innovative is the idea?
    • Theme: "What kind of future will you power?" - Is the topic addressed in the submission?
    • Creativity: How creative is the submission?
  • Who makes up the judging panel?

    The judges will be announced shortly and made up of competition partners and key stakeholders and representatives. The judges may disqualify a film if they have reason to believe that it does not comply with the entry Terms and Conditions, so make sure you have read them thoroughly.

  • What’s the People’s Choice award?

    The People’s Choice Awards determines the most popular videos according to the most Likes and Shares via the FutuRide website. In the Secondary category, one winner per state/territory will be selected based on the video with the most Facebook likes/shares, Tweets, and emails, which will form People’s Choice Points. In the Primary category, one winner nationally will be selected based on the video with the most Facebook likes/shares, Tweets, and emails, which will form People’s Choice Points. Please note that for Facebook likes/shares, tweets and emails to be included for the People’s Choice award, videos need to be shared using the sharing functions on the FutuRide website so that Siemens can track popularity.

  • How can I win a People’s Choice award with my entry?

    Once your video entry is available to view on the FutuRide website, encourage your family, friends and school to use the “Like” and “Share” buttons within the FutuRide website to cast their vote. Note that any Likes or Shares of a video managed outside of the FutuRide website will not be counted toward a video’s People’s Choice points. You can also visit our Education Resources page and use our downloadable Promotional Materials to help spread the word online and offline about your FutuRide entry.

  • I’m a school teacher. How can I further educate my students?

    Visit our Education Resources Page for a range of educational resources suitable for primary and secondary school teachers, and interactive games for students. These resources cover a variety of topics across energy efficiency, power generation & water management. They are designed to spark interest and creative thinking within this area. All entries will be able to download a FREE copy of Siemens Solid Edge High School edition CAD software with teacher & student resources available.

  • Why is Siemens running this competition?

    Siemens is running the FutuRide competition to highlight the importance of STEM education and the future of engineering in Australia.

  • If my school wins, will we receive support on how to use the bikes?

    If your school wins the bikes, you will receive a support manual and a set of classroom activities that you can perform using the bikes.

  • What are the freight costs for winners?

    There will be no freight costs for the winning schools. Bikes will be delivered to schools at a nominated date during August 2015.

  • Why should schools enter FutuRide?

    • If your school wins, the power-generating bikes can be used as a practical teaching resource. There are great educational resources available for use in the classroom, available via www.futuride.com.au from 23 June, 2015.
    • Your school could WIN a visit from Siemens Ambassador and Tour de France Winner, Cadel Evans!
    • Put your school in the limelight – some of our winners will be featured online and across Social Media by Siemens.
    • FutuRide is a unique opportunity for primary and students to innovate and share their creative ideas around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in a fun and real application.
    • FutuRide encourages students to consider meaningful career paths in STEM areas.
  • Benefits for teachers

    • Get your students thinking about the bigger picture! FutuRide offers experiential learning to engage your students in thinking about power and the future.
    • It’s easy and simple to produce a 90 seconds or less video with your students. Production can be as simple or as extensive as you’d like - many smartphones and devices these days allow you to capture video with basic editing functionality.
    • FutuRide is an exciting extension activity for primary and secondary school students and an easy way to engage them with STEM in the classroom.
    • All entrants will receive access to a complimentary version of Siemens Solid Edge High School edition CAD software, to encourage innovate thinking and design.
  • Benefits for students

    • Social media superstardom! The People’s Choice Award gives you the opportunity to be in the running to win, in exchange for Facebook Likes and Shares, Tweets and emails via the FutuRide website. Siemens will also be featuring some of the winners on the Siemens Australia Facebook Page!
    • Opportunity to win great prizes for your primary or secondary school and use them to make your time in class more engaging.
    • Meet Cadel Evans! Cadel isn’t just a Tour de France winner - he’s also the official Siemens ambassador! He’ll be visiting one of our lucky winning schools. Will it be your school?
    • Get recognised! As a student you will receive a certificate recognising your participation.
    • Consider yourself destined to be a Hollywood director? FutuRide gives you the chance to develop and share your video skills around creative science and technology ideas for the future
    • Get the school involved – FutuRide offers primary and secondary school students the opportunity to come together and develop an entry as a team.
    • Interested in CAD design? Just by entering, your school will receive a Siemens Solid Edge High School edition CAD software for you to start bringing your innovative ideas to life.
  • What is Siemens Solid Edge High School edition CAD software?

    For students interested in excelling in studying engineering, Siemens Solid Edge High School edition CAD software delivers the industry’s most advanced CAD technology – giving you the freedom to capture ideas quickly and intuitively. By leveraging synchronous technology within Solid Edge, you can focus on learning engineering principles and not on the CAD system. Included is the same core functionality used by leading engineers so you can create all types of projects – from machines to stylized products.