How it works

How the event will work

A 'peloton' of 120 specially-prepared bikes, all fitted with generators, will be positioned at Federation Square in the shape of branches of a giant Christmas tree (when viewed from above).

Riders' pedal power will illuminate individual Christmas trees that will, in turn, form the outline of the giant tree. At night, this will be a spectacular sight and this alternative energy demonstration will help to illustrate the contribution we can all make to a sustainable future.

Riders will need to generate 80 watts of electricity to power their Christmas tree, several LEDs and a halogen light. The average Tour de France rider can generate 350 watts for up to 60 minutes in a long hill climb. In a shorter sprint they might generate more power for a short time - about 450 watts. As riders will find out, the more devices they need to power from their bicycle, the harder pedalling becomes.

FutuRide - Xmas Tree

Guinness World Records™

Two stationary rides will take place on the evening of 11.12.12, both with Cadel Evans. A special children's ride where children will take to the bikes to ride in 15 minute intervals (height requirements apply) will begin at 6pm and conclude at 7pm.

At 8.15pm, as darkness settles over Federation Square, a field of 480 adult riders who will ride in 15 minute time intervals will join Cadel Evans in an effort to break two Guinness World Records:

  • Most electrical energy generated by pedalling on bicycles in one hour
  • Most lights lit by pedal power