How to qualify

Qualifying for the event is on a first in - first served basis

To access all the information on this site, and to participate in FutuRide, you'll need to register your details (together with a password).

Please keep in mind when registering for the event that generating electricity requires a sustained effort. Depending on fitness levels, some riders will find the activity to be quite a workout. Participants should prepare by building up a regular training regime over the next few weeks. Please see the training tips listed under the event FAQs section of the site if you need a training schedule.

Riding at the FutuRide event would be similar to riding on a slight, constant uphill grade at 20 kph, or into a slight head wind for about 30 minutes. As a guide, if you have access to an exercise bike with a power display, you will need to be able to sustain around 100 watts for 15 minutes, with regular bursts at 150 watts in order to the power the lights at the prescribed times.

Cyclists must be at least 140cm tall to take part in the rides.